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Animal Control

Are pest control products and DIYs not cutting it anymore? It might be time to call a qualified pest technician in your area. One small infestation can lead to a number of other problems and infestations. These infestations can destroy your home, cost you thousands of dollars, and put your family’s health at risk if not handled properly.

Did your pet bring fleas into your home?

Wildlife is beautiful, but not if you find it in your backyard or close to your home. Keep your children safe from dangerous wildlife that may have possibly stumbled onto your property. Our animal control experts can safely and humanely remove any unwanted animal as quickly as possible.

Found a family of raccoons in your trash?

As cute as they can look, raccoons can be quite vicious and can carry diseases like rabies or fleas. If you have a cat, they can be even more dangerous to have around, as raccoons can become territorial. No matter if it’s one raccoon or a whole family, our partners can trap and free any raccoons on your property.

Have a squirrel infestation?

Although squirrels are relatively harmless, they can cause a lot of issues for homeowners. Squirrels can irritate your dog and can be difficult to trap on your own. They nest in your trees, in the ground, and even in your chimney. This is not only dangerous for your family, it can also cost hundreds- even thousands of dollars in repairs. We can help set you up with someone who can safely remove your squirrels with minimal damage to your home.

Did your dog get sprayed by a skunk?

It’s unfortunate and annoying when unsuspecting dogs get sprayed by a skunk. It’s even more annoying when you need to trap a skunk that’s already on the defensive side. Let our expert partners handle trapping and removing skunks from your property.

Is your neighborhood overrun with coyotes?

Coyotes are everywhere, but it’s better if they stay away from your home and your family. Remove coyotes quickly from your neighborhood in one easy call. Let our qualified partners keep your neighborhood safe from any coyotes running around.

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